About Dikili, Getting to Know Dikili, Izmir, Turkey

Dikili is the coastal town and the district of the city of Izmir in the north Aegean part of Turkey. Dikili is located in a unique geography with its special sun, deep blue sea, 40 kilometers of blue flagged beaches, productive plains and thermal hot springs providing health for centuries. These specialties make Dikili a very unique and remarkable summer & beach holiday resort in Turkey. It is a very rare concept in the world that a town offers nature, history, sea and thermal cure all together.

You may both have a great holiday in the company of the warm sun and charming beaches or have a thermal cure for all year round. Dikili, also with its festivals, culture and art, has a unique place for the Aegean peace. With the Peace, Democracy and Labor Fests organized traditionally every summer, Dikili gives its peace messages to the world.

Dikili beaches stretch along 40 kilometers of crystal clear waters and isolated bays that offer numerous blue flagged beaches. If you’re after that perfect beach holiday in the sun, Dikili offer the perfect getaway for the holidaymakers. Sandwiched between a tranquil, azure sea and green nature, Dikili is a spectacular place for a beach holiday that there is no any other coastal holiday town in Turkey that offers both sea and hot springs at the same time.

The sun laid down its golden hair onto the blue waters, a sunny path on the sea, the seagulls are excited and the fishermen are on their way back home… The beaches, the colorful festival on the sky in blue & red. There it is the town of Dikili, where the best sunset take place !!!

Places of interest and popular sights in Dikili include;

Bademli Village, Ataturk Botanical Garden, ancient city of Atarneus, Nebiler Village and Nebiler Waterfall, Lake Karagol, Kemete Plateau, Kalem Island and Olof Palme monument.

Popular things to & attractions in Dikili include;

A day out at the beaches, hot springs & mud treatment, daily boat trips, watching the sunset at the seafront, hiking & trekking and visiting the other popular resorts nearby Dikili.

You may both have a great holiday in the company of the warm sun and charming Dikili beaches or have a thermal cure at the Dikili hot springs for all year round in your Dikili, Turkey holidays. You may sunbath or swim wherever you see the sea in Dikili.

Thermal Tourism & Hot Springs – Dikili’s thermal region is an area, which produces mud since three thousand years. The cure naturally formed by the rotten roots of the plants in the airless thermal waters, is the mud used for many treatments. You have chance to take advantage of thermal cure in the hot springs of Dikili for all year round. Thermal waters, bath cure and mud cure are all together in Dikili, which makes the town a unique one worldwide. Mud treatments and mud baths are very useful for the treatments especially related with the veins, otorhinolaryngology (diseases of the ear, nose, and throat), gynecology and all kinds of rheumatic diseases.

The thermal waters in Dikili are also used for the agriculture. Dikili has the biggest greenhouses in Turkey, and the third in Europe. Main products are the California Wonder type peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers which are produced by the thermal waters and they are exported worldwide.

Also healthy tastes of the Aegean food with its very rich sea products and the traditional kebab variations of the Anatolian kitchen culture will give you a magical experience.

Green travel & hiking – the Nebiler Village & Waterfall, Lake Karagol and Kemente Plateau offer great opportunities for the nature lovers. Nebiler Waterfall and the environment is fascinating with its many caves, small waterfalls, old trees and beautiful nature. Kemente Plateau is a nice promenade area and also it is very popular for trekking and jeep safari activities. The volcanic Lake Karagol is a nature surprise with its beautiful environment and the green hills surrounding the lake is a great opportunity for hiking lovers.


Dikili is also famous with its Yagcibedir carpets, rugs and carpet bags produced on the hand looms with natural root paints by the village women. The very famous Yağcıbedir Carpets are weaved in Koca Oba, Mazılı, Yenice, Samanlık and Caglan villages by the women and girls of these districts.

Dikili has the biggest and high quality granite sources of the world. Granite stones cover the streets of Dikili and the eight unique works of the eight world-known sculptors who have attended to the Dikili Granite Stone Sculpture Symposium reflect the art and the beauty.

Dikili has a nice port capable of serving yachts and passenger ships. Many Greek visitors come and visit Dikili from the Greek Island Lesvos. Dikili is also the symbol of Turkish and Greek peace.

Dikili is located 118 km. on the north of Izmir and also shares the same sea with its neighbor Greek Island of Lesvos. Ayvalık, Bergama and Candarli are the popular neighbor districts & towns. The nearest airport to Dikili is Izmir International Adnan Menderes Airport (www.adnanmenderesairport.com) where you may able to find direct & indirect flights to Izmir from many major cities in the world.

As for the accommodation in Dikili; there are also great selection of nice hotels, apart hotels, thermal hotels, apartments and pensions in Dikili to choose from. See Dikili Hotels and Dikili Apartments.

Nowhere in the world has both the thermal cure and the sea together in one resort. With its magnificent sea, blue flagged beaches and hot spring; Dikili awaits its visitors for an unforgettable holiday.