Ecological Tourism in Dikili, Izmir

Ecological Tourism & Green Travel in Dikili, Izmir, Turkey

Dikili is located in a unique geography with its special sun, deep blue sea, 40 kilometers of blue flagged beaches, productive plains and thermal springs providing health for centuries. With its warm sun, sea and productive soil; many civilizations have chosen these lands and had a comfortable and rich life from the first ages to the present.



Mysians, Lydians, Persians, Phrygians, Romans and Pergamonians from the ancient ages and Byzantines, Genoese, Seljuks and Ottomans from the middle age, have chosen these lands regarding its very suitable climate and environment. Dikili has a typical Mediterranean and Aegean climate. Dikili’s forests of 25.000 hectares are formed by pine, oak trees and shrubberies. Thousands of olive trees lie in the shrubberies and the rich green land cover cuddle with the deep blue seas.


Hiking & Nature Walk in Dikili

As for the green travel & hiking; the Nebiler Village & Waterfall, Lake Karagol and Kemente Plateau offer great opportunities for the nature lovers. Nebiler Waterfall and the environment is fascinating with its many caves, small waterfalls, old trees and beautiful nature. Kemente Plateau is a nice promenade area and also it is very popular for trekking and jeep safari activities. The volcanic Lake Karagol is a nature surprise with its beautiful environment and the green hills surrounding the lake is a great opportunity for hiking lovers.


Nebiler Waterfall and the region is a popular destination for the tourist who are willing to have a great nature walk & trekking experience in their Turkey holidays. Nebiler Village is also popular for its hot springs. There are also some companies in Dikili and Bergama that are organizing trekking tours to Nebiler Village and Waterfall.



Dikili’s soil is very efficient for ecological agriculture. Tomato, sunflowers, wheat, cottony tobacco and olive are the most important and well growing products of Dikili’s lands. Olive; offering peace on its branch and health on its oil, is the symbol product for Dikili. Dikili’s reputation on olive and olive oil is growing fast through the world with the modern techniques of production.



Greehouse Products

Dikili has the biggest greenhouses in Turkey, and the third in Europe. Main products are the California Wonder type peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers watered by the thermal waters. Greenhouse products are exported worldwide.


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