Thermal Tourism & Treatment in Dikili, Izmir, Turkey

Thermal tourism in Turkey ...

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Union of the Turkish Travel Agents, there are about 1300 thermal resources in Turkey with the temperature of 20-110 centigrade and with the flow rate of 2-500 liter/sec. Turkey is located on an important geothermal base line. Turkey is one of the seven countries in the world that has a rich thermal resources. Regarding the temperature range, flow rate, physical and chemical specialties; Turkey’s thermal waters and hot springs have superior properties than the ones in Europe.

Termal Cure & Treatment ...

Thermal treatment can be categorized into three groups that include; Hot Spring Waters, Mud (Mud Cure) and Bath (Bath Cure). Thermal hot spring waters offer healing for the rheumatism, the calcification, the skin, the prostate and the kidney stone patients. It is also scientifically recommended for the skin diseases such as nacre and itchiness, and for the treatments related with the veins, otorhinolaryngology (diseases of the ear, nose, and throat) and gynecology. Mud and Bath Cures are very useful for the toxin purification, slimming, peeling, wrinkle and cellulite treatments.

Thermal Regions of Dikili ...

Dikili’s thermal region produces its unique mud since three thousand years. Geothermal sources in and around Dikili has a big contribution for health and thermal tourism in the district and in Turkey. Dikili has a coast of 40 kilometers with unspoilt & isolated bays and blue flagged beaches. There is no other coastal holiday town in Turkey offering both the sea and the thermal sources. You may both have a great holiday in the company of the warm sun and charming beaches or have a thermal cure for the entire year.




These three cures used for various treatments are together in Dikili, which is the only town in Turkey and one of the few towns in the world. Dikili's thermal springs of three thousand years of age, give health and healing to its visitors with its modern thermal facilities. Historical Nebiler Hot Spring, natural Koca Oba Spring and Mud Hot Spring are famous with their healthy mud. Dikili's thermal springs and mud offers healing for the rheumatism, the calcification, the skin and the kidney stone patients...

Dikili's Thermal Hot Springs and Waters are scientifically recommended for the treatments such as;
  • All kinds of the rheumatism and the calcification problems,
  • Sun burnt and all kind of scars and itchiness,
  • Kidney stones and prostate problems,
  • Nacre and various skin diseases,
  • Diseases caused by the traffic, sports and various injuries,
  • Heart, arteriosclerosis, vein and tension problems.
Dikili's Mud & Bath Cures; are very useful for the treatments especially related with the veins, otorhinolaryngology (diseases of the ear, nose, and throat), gynecology and all kinds of rheumatic diseases.

The cure naturally formed by the rotten roots of the plants in the airless thermal waters, is the mud used for many treatments. Due to its containing the plants’ hormones, is also very useful for the toxin purification, slimming, peeling, wrinkle and cellulite treatments. It contains all the necessary elements for the skin. The macro and micro elements inside the mud act like estrogen and help the purified skin to be saturated. This is called the natural peeling. This valuable and quality mud is naturally being produced for three thousand years in Dikili. Both the mud and the thermal cure has no side effects.

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