Granite in Dikili, Izmir, Turkey

Dikili has the biggest and high quality granite sources of the world. There are five business enterprises related with granite in Dikili. The market of the natural stones in the world grows fast and the usage of the granite stones in the cities and roads and its providing a natural view, put the granite into an important status.

Granite stones and sculptures also have an attraction for the tourists in worldwide holiday towns. Dikili granite sources has its own unique value both in domestic and international market with its variety of colors and species. In an average of 150.000 tons of granite inlay stone is produced yearly in Dikili. 50.000 tons of them are sent to domestic market and the remaining are exported to the countries such as Germany, Italy, United States and Israel.

Granite stones are taken out in blocks and mostly used for building monuments, cemetery, columns and steps of the most buildings, in the roads and sidewalks.

Granite stones cover the streets of Dikili and the eight unique works of the eight world-known sculptors who have attended to the Dikili Granite Stone Sculpture Symposium reflect the art and the beauty.

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