Culture & Art in Dikili, Izmir, Turkey

Dikili is the center of culture and art activities especially in summer times. Dikili represents the portrait of the culture and art industry in the company of the children and adult work in Turkish Art Music, Folk Music and Child Chorus, Municipality Roman Dance Group, Child Roman Dance Group, Folk Dances Group, Chess School, Ballet, Guitar, Baglama Courses and Municipality Sports Schools with the support of the Dikili Municipality.

The bright light of Dikili reflects to the world with its fests, symposiums and countless cultural and art activities that are being organized during the year with the intense participation of the Dikili folks.

Art & Culture in Dİkili for you...

  • Festivals

  • Yagcibedir Carpets

  • Olof Palme Monument

  • Aegean-Turkish Food & Cuisine & Magical Tastes

  • Granite

  • The Grecians of Dikili & the Makoron Farmhouse

    After the sale of the Dikmeli Farmhouse to Aleko Pandozoplu from Chios in 1850, many Grecians have come from the islands and settled to the residential areas around Dikili such as Kabakum and Makoron. Eventually, Dikili have become the center of trade and agriculture. During that era until the exchange of the populations, Turks and Grecians have lived together within a cultural interaction. The traces of the era of the front door talks and the the solidarity at the songs that have sang in half Turkish-half Greek, they still live in the cross streets of Dikili, in the old Greek houses and in the Makoron Farmhouse...

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