About Candarli (Çandarlı) - Izmir, Turkey

Candarli (Çandarlı) - Pytany... Candarli is a holiday town located 18 km. (15 min.) on the south coast of Dikili. A visit to Candarli is a must in you Dikili holidays.

Candarli is also known as "the city of the Queens" and the Amazon Warriors are believed to be the founders of the town.

The ancient city and the Castle took their names from that one Amazon Queen "Pytany". Candarli offers great natural beauties, sea and historical sites to its visitors.

History of Candarli dates back to 4000 BC. The geography of Candarli is wonderful that the cape offers great beauties. The ancient city of Pytany and Candarli Castle are the popular sights of interest.

Sights & Places of Interest in Candarli

Candarli (Pytany) Castle

Candarli Castle is the most popular sight of Candarli. Located by the seafront, the castle is well preserved and offers great views.

Ancient city of Pytany

The ancient city of Pytany is another great place of interest that worth a visit in your Dikili and Candarli trip. The ceramic findings at the region are exhibited at the museums in Bergama, Izmir and Istanbul.

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