About Bergama (Pergamon) - Izmir, Turkey

Bergama (Pergamon)... Bergama is a holiday town located 29 km. (30 min.) on the east of Dikili. A visit to Bergama is a must in your Dikili holidays. Bergama is popular for its ancient city of Pergamon. The town is one of the most visited towns and promenade regions in Turkey.

Bergama hosts thousands of holidaymakers every year with its accommodation facilities, hotels and restaurants.

Although there is no sea at the town, holidaymakers in Bergama frequently visit Dikili for sunbathing and days out at the beaches.

Sights & Places of Interest in Bergama

Sights and places of interest in Bergama include;

Bergama Museum, Ancient city of Pergamon and its Akropol, old Grecian houses, Ottoman buildings, the Tiled Minaret, Old Hammams and Grand Bazaar. Dikili's Nebiler Village and Nebiler Waterfall also is a great attraction for the nature and hiking lovers in their Bergama holidays.

The Ancient city of Pergamon - Akropol

History of the ancient city of Pergamon dates back to 334. It was the most valuable symbols and center of culture during the Hellenistic era. You may visit the ancient city of Pergamon in three steps. It is recommended to visit the Bergama Museum first and take information about the region and history. And than visiting the Akropol and the ancient city will be fascinating. On the way back to town, a visit to the Crimson Courtyard is another great attraction for the visitors.

Bergama Museum

Bergama Museum is located at the centre of Bergama and the findings of the ancient city of Pergamon are exhibited at the museum as well as with some ethnographical items belonging to Ottoman's age. The museum is open during the week from 08.30 am. to 05.30 pm. for all year round except Mondays.

Kazak Plateau

Kazak Plateau and the nearby villages offer great views and opportunities for the nature lovers in their Bergama holidays. The Village of Demircidere is popular for its viniculture, wines and cheese.

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