About Ayvalik - Balikesir, Turkey

Ayvalik - Balikesir... Ayvalik is a holiday town and beach resort located 42 km. (1 hrs.) on the north of Dikili. Ayvalik is the town of the city of Balikesir and a visit to Ayvalik is a must in your Dikili holidays.

This seaside town is one of the most visited places in all of Turkey. People looking to spend their getaway under the sun will surely enjoy Ayvalik's fantastic beaches. This place is perfect both for families and couples looking to unwind and relieve themselves of the stress brought by school and work. You will also find the locals as very friendly and accommodating.

Ayvalik is famous for its fascinating natural beauties, wonderful coasts, islands, sea and beaches. Ayvalik hosts thousands of holidaymakers every year with its accommodation facilities, hotels and restaurants. Ayvalik is one of the most visited holiday towns and promenade regions in Turkey and there are numerous accommodation opportunities ranging from luxury Ayvalik hotels to nice Ayvalik apartments and pensions. Ayvalik hosts thousands of holidaymakers every year.

The Ayvalik Bay that houses 22 small islands is a popular holiday and sightseeing region with its natural beauties, golden sandy Sarmisakli beaches, Cunda Island & Timarhane Island, nearby villages and variety of attractions for the travelers.

Ayvalik also offer great tastes of the traditional Turkish food and Aegean cuisine. It is one of the best olive producing towns in Turkey. For eating out in Ayvalik; the Tenekeciler Street, Sarmisakli coast and Cunda Island are the best location with numerous lined up restaurant and cafes by the sea front. A dinner at the Cunda Island by the sea is highly recommended.

Sights & Places of Interest in Ayvalik

Ayvalik has a mesmerizing natural beauty. There are lots of attractions and things to do for the holidaymakers in Ayvalik. For the first time visitors; a visit to the "Ilk Kursun (First Bullet) Hill" and have a bird eye view to the town is recommended. The landscape is amazing. As for the historical places; there are 6 mosques, 6 churches and 2 monasteries in Ayvalik. As for the beaches and sea; famous Sarmisakli beach offers great opportunities for the sunbathing lovers and beachgoers. Also attending to a daily boat trip along the nearby islands and covers is another great attraction to take.

Sarmisakli Beaches

Located 5 km. from the Ayvalik town centre, the Sarmisakli beach is the best place for swimming and sunbathing in Ayvalik. The region also hosts numerous Ayvalik hotels and apartments. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes along the beach front and transportation is very easy with minibuses (dolmus).

Cunda Island

Cunda Island is the most popular place in Ayvalik and connected to Ayvalik via bridge. Natural beauties of the Cunda Island are amazing. It is recommended to visit Cunda Island by evening and have a dinner by the fascinating landscape and sunset. Seafood is great here. The fish named "paplina" worth a taste. There is also a watersports centre in Cunda Island. For transportation to Cunda Island; visitors may use regular bus service, minibuses (dolmus) or their private cars.

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Timarhane Island

Timarhane Island is located along the end of the Camlik Cove and offers great natural beauties and sea. Timarhane Island is mostly popular for nature walk and hiking activities.

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