Ancient City of Atarneus, Dikili, Izmir, Turkey

According to the archeological digs and works, many civilizations have settled on the lands of Dikili. Atarneus, Pytany, Teuthrania, Malea, Attaia, Elaia, Kanai, Karina and Aigai are some of those civilizations that are found in and around Dikili lands. Atarneus is one of the most famous ones that is located in the borders of Dikili.

The first city which was built in B.C. 4000 by the Acadians in the center of Agilkale that is situated close to Dikili, took the name of "Atarneus" which means "mother goddess & holy source".

The name is given due to the hot springs and the thermal sources around the city. Atarneus is famous not only for the fertility of the lands but also for being a rich civilization that has printed money.

The landscape in the hills of Atarneus is fantastic and a daily visit or nature walk is a great attraction to take in your Dikili Turkey holidays.

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