About Assos ~ Behramkale - Canakkale, Turkey

Assos - Behramkale, Canakkale... Assos is a holiday town and beach resort located 145 km. (2 hrs.) on the north of Dikili. A visit to Assos is a must in your Dikili holidays.

Assos is the town of the city of Canakkale. Assos is famous for its fascinating natural beauties, wonderful coasts, ancient city, sea and beaches.

Assos hosts thousands of holidaymakers every year with its accommodation facilities, hotels and restaurants.

History of Assos dates back to 7th century BC. Located in the Behramkale Village and in the Edremit Gulf; Assos and its historical heritage stands for more than 3,000 years.

The remnants of the ancient city of Assos on the high hill of the Behramkale Village on a 240 m. of altitute offer great natural beauties and sea views.

The Greek island of Lesvos stands across the sea and offers fantastic landscape for the visitors.

Assos is a coastal town also where the famous Aristotle have lived.

The beautiful coasts of Assos offer great opportunities for sunbathing and sea lovers. The beaches and sea is great here.

There are also numerous Assos hotels, apartments and restaurants to chose from for the holidaymakers.

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